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The cosmos is very ill defined at the moment. Much of this will not be revealed directly in the stories, but we should have a concept of it, in order to make everything harmonious.


  • What Fantasy and Sci-Fi elements exist?
  • What races/factions are there?
  • God? are Hozz Christians? what are the implications of that?

some possibilities

One Possibility

The Fair Folk (fairies) exist, and are a visible and tangible influence in the world. They are the source and keepers of all magic. Space flight is possible using this magic, so there are several cities on other worlds. However, the fairy are fickle, so transport and communication between these worlds is not fully reliable. The fairy are also tied to plants and fungi, so they mainly live in huge forests, which they also cultivate. Humans also have technology (What era? No explosives? No major combustion fuels?) and have many large cities which the fairy shun because of their dearth of plant life.

This cosmology would allow for both the fantasy and science-fiction arch-genres, as well as a continuum between them and the flexibility to tell almost any type of story.

Two Possibility

The real world is just plain normal. the only connection between this world and the fantasy world (see above) is Oswald's door. if this is thee case then Hugh never evil hunted before they moved, and zack never had magic powers. alternativly oswald could be thee source of strangeness and the door is just one of his effects. so his existence could empower Zack's magic, and the evil that Hugh fights. this would be especialy cool if we never addressed it, at least for a while.

Three Possibility

The HOZZ brothers have unusual, inexplicable powers which we can explain at a later date. Oswald's door is the link between the Earth and the other worlds. The comic presents an alternate version of reality ala Sluggy Freelance wherein most people live normal lives largely oblivious to the wierdness that concerns the main characters.