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The general idea is nailed down, details are flexible.

The cosmos is seperated into the "real world" that people will be fairly farmiliar with, and TwinWorld. The door Oswald installs is one of the few pathways between the two, though the Fay and Zarth can occasionally make other portals and temporary connections.

There may be other worlds as well, but currently only Earth and TwinWorld are conceptualized.

Transporting material between worlds

How do we want to deal with moving things between Earth and TwinWorld?

Industry, explosives, and gasoline

Ben has a sort of ideal for an industrial society that exists without explosives or fossil fuels, and which is embodied in the Zarth. However, what happens when these materials or tools are brought over from Earth to TwinWorld? Can they transport anything like this? Are materials changed into their equivalent?

Fairy Treasures

There is a lot of lore about fairy treasures turning to leaves and acorns when the fairies have left. Perhaps we can use this for transporting materials from TwinWorld to Earth. Everything carried is changed into mundane and fairly useless stuff when it gets back to Earth. Twigs, dry leaves, soil, old tin cans, coat hangers, rusty cogs. This would lend to the "imaginary" quality of TwinWorld, since anything brought back would have a resemblance, but not the function, of it's former self in TwinWorld.


  • What level of awareness do people have in the "real world" of Faierie?
  • What level of weirdness goes on in (or leaks into) the "real world"?